General Topics — Consilience and Inclusion: Scientific and Cultural Encounters As the world is becoming more global, urgent issues have emerged from how to sustain the local and status quo while incorporating the global and innovative in almost every aspect of individual life, society and nationhood. At the same time, scientists and other academic researchers have tried to assess and address such micro- and macrolevel challenges from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. The 2015 AHLiST Conference will focus on how individuals, social groups, ethnic minorities, state and national entities respond to the notion of inclusion and consilience such as: -what to be negotiated and studied: scientific and cultural encounters -whom to be included and what to be studied: theories and concepts -how to be integrated and distinguished: convergence versus divergence -how to handle technical, economic and social changes: adaptation and sustainability -how to assess what works: measurement and accountability mechanisms or policies -how to decipher complexity and intricacy: interdisciplinary and new technologies -how to prepare for new and future challenges: post-global/capital/human/modern responses -what to be learned from the past and history: innovative contextualization and methodologies DEADLINE for Submission is September 15, 2015 FOR PARTICULAR FIELDS OF INTEREST, PLEASE READ BELOW.


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