Information professionals can lead the fight against information overload

Facet Publishing have announced the release of Practical Ontolo9781783300624gies for Information Professionals

David Stuart’s new book is the first accessible introduction and practical exploration of ontologies specifically written for library and information professionals.

More data and information are being created than ever before. Ontologies, formal representations of knowledge with rich semantic relationships, have become increasingly important in the context of today’s information overload and data deluge. The publishing and sharing of explicit explanations for a wide variety of concepts, in a machine readable format, has the power to both improve information retrieval and discover new knowledge. Information professionals are key users of and contributors to the development of new and increasingly useful ontologies.

Speaking about the book, David Stuart said, “Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals has three aims; firstly to demonstrate the importance of ontologies for knowledge discovery, secondly to show the important contribution information professionals can make to the development of ontologies, and finally to provide a practical introduction to the development of ontologies. The book covers the semantic web and existing ontologies including RDF, RDFS, SKOS and OWL 2 and shows you how to adopt, build and interrogate ontologies.”


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