Why I love government records

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In celebration of Archives Awareness Week here in Ontario, I have decided to tackle a question I get asked fairly regularly: “What is it about government records that you love so much?”

People of Peel - Archives-3126 Colleagues and researchers often chuckle and/or raise an eyebrow when they notice the “I heart glorious government records” pin I often wear to work

I should state for the record that I actually love all archival records, be they “private” (created by a citizen, organization, or business) or “public” / “government” (created by a government department, office, or agency). As I suspect you will find with most archivists, I view my career as a calling, and derive true contentment and enjoyment from my work. That said, some archivists might argue that private records can be more enticing to both staff and patrons, containing as they do such things as love letters, travel photographs, diaries, news accounts, and the…

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